NEW DIGITAL CONNECT CARD!  A lot has changed in our world the past year. We quit worshiping together for a time. We quit using hymnals, shaking hands, passing offering plates, and sharing pens to fill out Connect Cards. The changing times have required us to create new methods: providing online worship, wearing masks, collecting the offering in baskets at the door, and now—using a digital (online) Connect Card.

   You’ll now find this QR-Code on the front of your bulletin. If you have a smart phone, simply scan the code with a QR-Reader (free apps available in the app store), and you ‘ll be connectedly automatically to our new digital Connect Card. Fill out the digital Connect Card, then click “Submit” at the bottom. If you don’t have a smart phone but can access our church website, you may go to to fill out the digital Connect Card, and then click “Submit” at the bottom.

Each time you join us for worship or Crossroads Community (online or in person), please fill out the digital Connect Card to help us know you are worshiping with us, your prayer requests, and any next steps in your faith journey.  Thank you for your help! Questions, please contact Pastor Amy.


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