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Featured Mission: First Community Kitchen

Did you know? The First Community Kitchen was the dream of a Disciple II class member. He inspired the class and together they kept pushing for their dream until the Hunger Ministry Task Force was formed and they worked out the details. First Community Kitchen served its first lunch on February 5, 1996. They served 111 people the first 10 weeks they were in operation. They now average 60-90 meals per day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday). Christ calls us to reach out to all who are in need. It is not up to us to determine if a person is worthy of receiving care, only to know that when we serve others we are serving the Christ. For more information, contact the church office at 740-653-3330

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You probably know that First Church was scheduled to host the May 2020 Friends of Lithuania gathering. Unfortunately, this event was canceled, and the planning committee is meeting to discuss options for having a Friends of Lithuania meeting, perhaps online, or an in-person event in 2021. During one of these meetings, the Lithuania District Superintendent Reverend Remigijus Matulaitis shared that he and his wife were having flu-like symptoms. Immediately, the concern was they might be infected with the COVID-19 virus. Soon, it was discovered this was not the case. Careful investigation found they were exposed to black mold. Rev. Remigijus and Christina live in an apartment above the Lithuania Methodist Church District Office in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania. The building is very old and close to the Neminas River. Research found black mold growing throughout the building, especially in the second floor apartment. Fortunately, Rev. Remigijus and Christina were able to relocate to the ground floor, and their symptoms are much improved. The Lithuania Methodist Church is part of the Northern Europe Central Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Bishop was notified about the situation, and the United Methodist Church has taken prompt action to solve the problem. The Church has also invited members of the Friends of Lithuania to offer assistance if they are able. Thankfully, our church is able to assist the Lithuania Methodist Church with this problem with a $1000 gift. Someone from the Friends of Lithuania committee commented that when performing building repairs, you never know what you will find behind the walls of an old building. So as work progresses, we are sure there will be little problems along the way. The contractor hired by the church is doing an excellent job of correcting the problem. Rev. Remigijus has provided a number of updates on the thoroughness of their work. He has spoken highly of the care they are giving to the project and the awareness they have of helping the Methodist Church – the church that helps people. Rev. Remigijus and Christina have discovered their furniture has been infected with the mold, so they are finding the need to replace their furniture. Our gift will help them to quickly overcome this situation and return to their focus of helping other people in Lithuania. Please be aware of an interesting note about our funding of this project. While discussing how we could help, our quarterly Kroger Rewards payment was received. The amount was $501. This amount was combined with other sources to provide our gift. Thank you for being the church to the church in times of great need. Every gift makes a difference. And we Praise the Lord for everyone that makes a difference – especially the friends and family of First United Methodist Church.