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Music Notes

Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth; sing the glory of His name; give to Him glorious praise.” –Psalm 66:1-2

Praising God is an awesome privilege, and is also a responsibility to which we are all called in numerous Bible passages. The good news in the Good News is that we are called only to make a joyful noise! Regardless of our individual talent or ability level, we all have the ability to make a joyful noise and praise our God. Whether it’s as a part of one of our music ministry groups (which we always pray you will consider!) or joining in as we praise God together in our times of worship, we have the opportunity to praise a God who is worthy of every praise. May we always joyfully take advantage of those opportunities!

Our Chancel Choir, Hi-Lo Ringers, and our Praise Band are all going well, but all are always open to new participants. In particular, we need at least one more ringer in our bell choir at this time, we always are in need of basses and tenors in the Chancel Choir, and our praise band members who lead in worship almost EVERY WEEK throughout the year would love to have some available substitutes. If God is calling you to make a joyful noise in this way, just contact Clarence and become involved in our music ministries. If God is calling you in some other way, we’re open to new ideas.

How blessed we are to be a church with awesome music ministries! Consider being a part of the Music @ First!

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir provides musical leadership for our Celebration Worship. Membership is open to persons high school age through adult, and the choir practices on Thursday evenings at 7:30, here at the main church building, 163 East Wheeling Street.Chancel Choir Video, Fall 2019

Hi-Lo Ringers

The Hi-Lo Ringers is a 5-octave English handbell ensemble that provides music periodically throughout the year for our worship services. Membership is open to persons high school age through adult, and the group practices on Thursday evenings at 6:30.Hand Bell Choir Performance, 11/17/2019

Praise Team

Our praise team and praise band is a group of singers and instrumentalists who lead worship at our Praise Worship. Participation is determined by audition.

Drumming Circle

Periodically we offer opportunities to be involved in a world drumming group, using hand drums to make music together. The groups are open to different age groups at different times, and no previous music experience is required. Meeting times are communicated through the church newsletter and weekly bulletins.
If interested in joining our music ministries, please contact Clarence McCoy.