Online Giving is available with FUMC!

A note from the Business Office 

Tithing, Offering, Giving……these 3 words are used a lot around the church and especially in the Business office, but do you know the difference? Here is a quick snapshot of each.

Tithing is giving of your first fruits (10% of your income), not what is left over after you have paid all your other bills. This requires faith to know that when you give to Him first you will have enough for everything else and recognize that it is a blessing from God.

Offering is in addition to tithing, it is an extra gift that might be where your passion lies. These gifts could be to the church such as our local relief, Capital Campaign or to the youth but it could also be to some local or global project that you would like to support that is outside of the church.

Giving is service to benefit people around you as you give of your time and resources. Mother Teresa is our greatest example of this in more recent times. Although none of us could come close to the service she displayed, one of her quotes can help us in our day to day giving “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.

Whether you are doing one of these or all three, these acts come from a place of gratitude both from the giver and the receiver, knowing that we have been blessed by an awesome and loving God.

Support Lancaster First United Methodist Church and our mission projects by shopping at Kroger! Just register your Kroger card here. Link your card to our church, with the organization code NX126. Kroger will donate a portion of all that is spent with Kroger cards associated with our church. Reminder: You must reconnect your card to our church every April.

Thrivent Choice Program: If you are a Thrivent Benefit member you have the opportunity to give to our church through their Thrivent Choice program. The Thrivent Choice program encourages their members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes an amount of it’s charitable grant funds. Members make this recommendation by directing Choice dollars to enrolled nonprofit organization such as First United Methodist Church. To find out if you are able to give to the church in this way, talk to your Thrivent Financial advisor.