Local Missions

The Local Missions team coordinates projects reaching out into our local community. See the many ways we are touching lives for Christ throughout the year. Learn more about local missions here.

Global Missions

The Global Missions team looks beyond our local community to ways our church can be involved around the world. Learn more about global missions here.

Featured Mission: First Community Kitchen

Did you know? The First Community Kitchen was the dream of a Disciple II class member. He inspired the class and together they kept pushing for their dream until the Hunger Ministry Task Force was formed and they worked out the details. First Community Kitchen served its first lunch on February 5, 1996. They served 111 people the first 10 weeks they were in operation. They now average 60-90 meals per day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday). Christ calls us to reach out to all who are in need. It is not up to us to determine if a person is worthy of receiving care, only to know that when we serve others we are serving the Christ. For more information, contact the church office at 740-653-3330