First United Methodist Church welcomes couples to marry in our church or other facilities. To inquire about having a wedding at our church or at our Crossroads Ministry Center, please contact our Wedding Coordinator, Judy Hug, at 740-653-3330 ext. 1003 or

Frequently asked questions:

Can we get married at First Church if we are not members?  Yes, one of our ministers will provide counseling and perform your wedding based on wedding packages available.

What is the cost to have a wedding at First Church?  Our Wedding Coordinator will determine what will need to be paid to cover usage of the building and to pay those what will be assisting with the wedding.

How do I schedule a wedding?  Our Wedding Coordinator helps with scheduling the wedding and the first premarital counseling session. A non-refundable deposit must be received by the church office in order to place your wedding date on the church calendar once a minister and staff are coordinated. Please note these guidelines when setting a date and time.

  • All Saturday weddings must begin before 4:30 pm
  • Weddings are not scheduled during Holy Week (Palm Sunday to Easter)

Can I have a guest minister participate in the service? All weddings held at First United Methodist Church will be performed solely by clergy currently appointed to FUMC. This pastor will direct the rehearsal and pattern of the wedding ceremony.

Do we have to attend pre-marital counseling? Pre-marital counseling is an important part of your wedding preparation and should not be taken lightly. Please look upon it as a time to establish that good solid foundation which every marriage needs.

Counseling requirements vary slightly among our ministerial staff. We encourage beginning counseling sessions start well in advance of the wedding to accommodate schedules. Planning the ceremony will be part of the counseling sessions.

Seating Capacity

The maximum seating on the main floor of our sanctuary is 365 people. The balcony can seat an additional 124 people (typically, the balcony is closed, with access for video/photography only). There are 15 rows of pews in the center aisle.

The maximum seating in our Crossroads main room is approximately 400 set up as auditorium seating.


Receptions are available in the church’s Fellowship Hall or at our Crossroads Ministry Center. Reception arrangements are made with Jill Warner at the church, 740-653-3330, or Email

In order to ensure the best wedding experience for you and the church, no outside wedding coordinators or hostesses are used at First United Methodist Church.